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360 Pluss™

The Power of 360 Pluss: A Comprehensive Preventative Care Program


In the realm of employee benefits and tax savings, 360 Pluss has emerged as a game-changer. It's an ERISA Qualified, Self-Insured, Participation only, Preventative Care Program that delivers substantial payroll tax savings for both employers and employees. This innovative model is an integrated 105-plan as stated in the Federal Register Volume 78, page 33,163, but what exactly does it entail? Let's delve deeper into the world of 360 Pluss and uncover the benefits it holds for employers and employees alike.

The Basics of 360 Pluss

360 Pluss is a unique preventative care program that is designed to work in everyone's favor. As an ERISA Qualified and Self-Insured program, it operates under the Employee Retirement Income Security Act, a federal law designed to protect individuals in private sector health plans. The Participation-only aspect means that the benefits are available to all participating employees. The real beauty of 360 Pluss lies in its potential for substantial tax savings. Employers can save $500 annually per employee while employees can save $1,800 annually. These savings are predictable and can be accurately calculated from your existing payroll data.

Benefits for Employers

For employers, 360 Pluss is an attractive proposition. The $500 annual savings per employee can add up quickly, especially in larger organizations. Additionally, implementing a preventative care program shows a commitment to employee health, which can boost morale and productivity while reducing healthcare costs in the long run. The savings are predictable, meaning they can be accurately calculated and budgeted for, providing financial predictability that every business craves. Furthermore, being an ERISA Qualified program, it ensures compliance with federal laws, thus providing an added layer of legal protection.

Benefits for Employees

On the employee side, the benefits are equally compelling. A savings of $1,800 annually is significant for any individual. This extra income can be used for personal savings, investments, or necessary expenditures, bringing financial relief to employees. Moreover, as a preventative care program, 360 Pluss encourages employees to prioritize their health, leading to overall well-being and potentially reducing future healthcare costs.


In summary, 360 Pluss serves as a comprehensive preventative care program that not only fosters better health but also delivers substantial tax savings for employers and employees. With its predictable savings and benefits for all parties involved, it truly stands out as a win-win solution in the world of employee benefits. It's time for businesses to leverage the power of 360 Pluss and unlock a healthier, financially secure future for their workforce.